John Simons

Ivy Jacket Tweed – Green


 John Simons first purchased a traditional American Sack Jacket in 1958, whilst working at Cecil Gee on Charing Cross Road. The jacket was a lightweight, muted plaid number, complete with all of the hallmark Ivy League Details. The jacket was produced by Stanley Blacker, a forerunner in the American Menswear market and one of the first manufacturers to adorn his creations with a product label. John recalls the purchase fondly, citing the transaction as more than a simple fashion statement, rather, it provided a magic route to the Bebop revolution, which was far cheaper than the cost of a plane ticket.

Our made in London Ivy League Jacket is a modern adaptation of the classic American Sack Jacket. The jacket comes completely unlined and unstructured for ease-of-wear, in turn emphasising the natural shoulder line. 

This particular model utilises one of the most iconic fabrics in the Ivy Canon; Harris Tweed wool. Harris Tweed is a handwoven cloth produced by local makers in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland since 1846, and is constructed from 100% Virgin Wool. Moreover, Harris Tweed was a much sought after material by American makers during the Ivy League Boom years, who sought the prestige brought about by utilising traditional British mills and fabrics. In a rich green colour way, this jacket is as wearable in the buzzing milieu of present day London, as it undoubtedly would have been on an American campus circa 1961.

In addition, the jacket features:

  • A three-button front with soft roll to the top button
  • Slim lapels
  • Three patch pockets
  • Two-button cuff
  • Centre vent
  • 100% Wool

Natural Shoulder spoken here!

Pit to Pit (inches)

36= 19″

38= 20″

40= 21″

42= 22″

44= 23″

46= 24″

48= 25″

50= 26″

52= 27″