John Simons

Morgan Madras Popover Shirt


Meet the new John Simons Indian Madras button down!

Utilising the very same hand-loomed, genuine Indian Madras cotton which we are renowned for, our new iteration of the classic summer shirt is now proudly made in London! This move has in turn allowed us to imbue the shirts with many of John’s favourite Ivy League details from the 1950’s/1960’s.

Of primary importance to many aficionados of the Ivy League look, is the generous collar roll. When fully fastened, the long collar points cascade beautifully, recalling what John describes as “The Ivy League Spearpoint collar”, a feature which would often be found on shirting from the “Jivy Ivy” period in the latter half of the 1960’s. When worn open the collar rolls beautifully, a feat which has been achieved by omitting any lining from the collar and placket.   

In addition to the elongated collar points, we have re-introduced the button through flap pocket. Whilst many key shirt makers of the period would utilise this style of pocket at times, such as J. Press and Gant, John recalls this feature as being a staple of Eagle Shirtmaker’s Trombley line. Similarly, the choice to utilise a seven button front, was inspired by the likes of Gant, Sero and Troy Guild shirt-makers, all of whom introduced 7-button plackets as part of their offerings in the 1960’s. Finally, the shirt’s gradually tapering tails were inspired by yet another, lesser-known shirtmaker of the period, namely, Truval, and their Career Club line.


  • 100% Cotton Indian Madras
  • 3.5” Collar points
  • 3 Button collar
  • Unlined collar, placket and cuffs
  • Gauntlet button
  • Single cuff button
  • Box pleat
  • Locker loop
  • Flap pocket
  • Traditional 1960’s cut with tapered tails


XS 21″

S 22″

M 23″


XL 25″

XXL 26′

XXXL 27″