Timeless Style
Since 1955

With a career spanning over six decades, John Simons’ contribution to British menswear remains unparalleled. Beginning his career as a window dresser for the illustrious Cecil Gee in 1955, John soon graduated to trading independently from market stalls across London, before eventually opening The Ivy shop, the first of several stores, in 1964. John Simons is held by those in-the-know as the definitive voice on all matters pertaining to Ivy League style in the U.K.

Since 2011 the John Simons storefront has been situated in the heart of Marylebone at No. 46 Chiltern street. Whilst the commitment to mid-century American style remains, the focus is firmly on the present, a fact which is reflected in a choice selection of products which span the globe: from artisan Japanese denim to premium French workwear. John Simons; the destination for all discerning modernists.


Sustainability is a value which is of the utmost importance here at John Simons. We utilise 100% recyclable, multi-use packing materials, for all online orders. Similarly, we opt for 100% recyclable paper bags for all in-store purchases. This principle extends too to our manufacturing process; the majority of our own brand label is produced in London, England, a short drive from our storefront on Chiltern street, which in turn cuts down on fuel emissions.

Furthermore, we repurpose much of our dead-stock inventory, as is evident in our Made in London Madras Face Masks and Ties, which are constructed from recycled Indian Madras fabric obtained from old shirt stock. The aforementioned items are in turn an example of yet another sustainable practice; namely, working with local, independent manufacturers. This close relationship enables us not only to exercise rigorous quality control, but also to ensure safe working conditions and a zero-waste policy is upheld by our partners.

Health & Safety In-store

Customer safety is of paramount importance to us at John Simons and we are committed to reducing the spread of Covid-19. In-line with the guidelines set out by both the UK Government and World Health Organization we have installed a sanitation station at the front of our store, which we kindly ask our customer’s to utilise upon entry.

Moreover, we are dispensing free facemasks, which both staff and customers are instructed to wear, and have limited the amount of customers that we will admit to the store at any one time, so as to ensure that proper social distancing can be maintained.

Items can still be tried on in store, prior to purchase, and these items will be subject to a 48 hour quarantine period after wear.

We kindly ask those who are exhibiting symptoms associated with Covid-19 to remain home and shop online. Should you have queries relating to specific items you are welcome to call, or email, us on: 020 3490 2729/enquiries@johnsimons.co,uk.

We’re at 46 Chiltern Street W1U 7QR London
Open Tues to Sat 11am-6pm / Sun 12pm-5pm
020 3490 2729