Sebago: A Staple of American Style Since 1946

May 2024 | Written by Nicholas Sarnella

Sebago loafers embody a timeless elegance worthy of a chapter in the annals of classic American style. Founded on the shores of Maine in 1946 by New England Natives Daniel J. Wellehan Sr., William Beaudoin and Joseph Cordeau, these simple moccasins evoke images of leisurely days spent by the waterfront, on the deck of a yacht or pottering around campus and have become synonymous with the Ivy League look. One need only gaze upon the record sleeve of Gerry Mulligan and Stan Getz’s iconic 1957 album, ‘Getz Meets Mulligan in Hifi’for evidence of these classic shoes in the field.

Whilst GH Bass can be considered the forerunners of the classic American loafer, and in turn synonymous with the penny loafer design, Sebago have been a staple of American style since their inception in 1946 and have cemented their place in the Ivy League Hall of fame with their more rugged counterpart, the iconic beefroll loafer.

With their distinctive moccasin construction and durable leather uppers, Sebago loafers are as comfortable as they are stylish and here at John Simons, we continue to offer a classic take on the beefroll loafer in the form of their Dan shoe. Whether paired with flat fronted shorts and an untucked popover for a casual summer look or dressed up with chinos and an Ivy jacket for an evening out, these versatile shoes effortlessly transition from dockside to London streets. But it’s not just their aesthetic appeal that sets Sebago loafers apart, with their quality materials, generous width and handsewn construction, these shoes are sure to age beautifully and provide the wearer with a sense of comfort and ease.

This summer, embrace the spirit of Mulligan and step out in a pair of Sebago loafers. Whether you are sipping cocktails at a beachside bar or bracing the streets of London during a busy commute, these classic shoes are sure to keep you chic and comfortable for years to come.

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