A classic split toe Derby shoe by Italian manufacturers, Ortigni. Featuring smooth calfskin leather uppers, goodyear welted double-leather soles with additional Danite rubber layer, and a brown colourway. 


  • Split-toe Derby style
  • Calfskin leather uppers 
  • Double leather sole with additional Danite layer  
  • Goodyear welted construction 

A family-owned business, dating back to 1930, and hailing from Pistoia, Italy, a region renowned for producing quality handmade footwear, Ortigni specialise in classic shoes which will undoubtedly appeal to all Ivyists and lovers of menswear. 

In an interview with Florentine Menswear store, Eredi Chiarini, company owner Stefano Ortigni states, “In my opinion men’s shoe needs to be well structured, made of durable leather and with fairly heavy leather bottom stock” and this is exactly what Ortigni offer with their fantastic products.  

Taking meticulous care in not only the design and development of their shoes, but also in sourcing the materials from which they are constructed, Ortigni’s shoes boast an impressive pedigree, featuring full grain calfskin leather uppers, goodyear welted construction and double leather soles. 

At John Simons we are proud to offer both Ortigni’s plain toe and split toe models, two classic styles, which are without doubt hallmarks of the Ivy League look, whilst admittedly less conspicuous than a Long Wing Blucher or Penny Loafer. Those of you wishing to fly under the radar in understated Ivy-chic need look no further! 

In addition to their style and fantastic construction, both Ortigni’s plain toe and split toe models, feature an additional Danite layer to their already robust leather soles. This results in a shoe which is not only classic, but extremely durable and ready to resist the dreariest of British weather. 

We can’t promise you will look quite as cool as Anthony Perkins, but it might just be worth a shot!