Ivy and Seoul

June 2021 | Written by Nicholas Sarnella
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In the last two years we have had the good fortune of working alongside a number of talented creatives from Korea. Whether, it is the whimsical  illustrations of Seowon Kim or the incredibly evocative photography of Matt Choi, a New Zealand native of Korean heritage and former Chiltern Street neighbour, it would appear that the John Simons now shares a close connection to the Korean peninsula, and in particular the city of Seoul. Moreover, the recent interest in vintage clothing styles in Korea has resulted in a deep appreciation of Ivy League style, as evidenced by the emergence of Ivy-influenced menswear stores such as Barbershop and Random Walk, to name but a few. Inspired by this wave in popularity, we sent out our Ivy ambassador Matt, as well as close friend and model, Kyu, to provide a veritable tour through the streets of Seoul.

Ivy and Seoul cake 2

Kyu enjoys a coffee and pastry at Almost Home café in Bukchon, Hanok Village.

Ivy and Seoul cake 3
Ivy and Seoul cake 1

Almost Home is situated close to the Art Sonje Center, a contemporary art museum, and specialises in amazing coffee along with traditional Korean style snacks.

Ivy and Seoul Photographer 1

Say Cheese! Kyu in the John Simons Green Moleskin Varsity Jacket.

Ivy and Seoul dinner 1
Ivy and Seoul dinner 2

Tucking into Ahn Gojip Clam Noodles. As one might expect from their name, Ahm Gojip specialise in clam noodles and bibimbap. Significantly, they still subscribe to the “sit down and eat” method of dining; a restaurant style which was once prevalent in the older parts of Seoul but which is now somewhat of a novelty. 

Ivy and Seoul Bridge 1
Ivy and Seoul Bridge 3
Ivy and Seoul Bridge 2

Kyu wears the John Simons Albini Linen Ivy Jacket in Echon Han River Park. Our made in London Ivy League Jacket is a modern adaptation of the classic American Sack Jacket. The jacket comes completely unlined and unstructured for ease-of-wear, in turn emphasising the natural shoulder line.

Ivy and Seoul Gwang hwa mun and entrance 1

Gwanghwamun; the main and largest gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Ivy and Seoul Gwang hwa mun and entrance 3
Ivy and Seoul Gwang hwa mun and entrance 2

Gwanghwamun gate was first erected in 1395 during the Joseon Dynasty and was utilised to protect Gyeong Bok Palace and the city of Seoul from invasion.

Ivy and Seoul popover 2
Ivy and Seoul Laundrette
Ivy and Seoul popover 1

The end of a hard day’s work. Kyu wears the John Simons Ivy League popover unbuttoned in true Sidney Poitier fashion.


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