Beefroll Grain Leather Loafers – Brown


Introducing the John Simons x Rancourt Beefroll loafer.

Proudly Made in Maine, USA, in the finest full grain leather, our John Simons x Rancourt loafers harken back to a time when these leisure shoes represented true craftsmanship and comfort. With the decline of brands such as Bass and Sebago, the search for a true pair of American loafers presents a difficult task for any devout Ivyist, however, this collaboration means that one need look no further than these exquisite shoes. 

Slightly more rugged than its classic counterpart, the penny loafer, the Beefroll loafer is nonetheless a staple shoe within the Ivy Pantheon, as is evident in the popularity of Dexter’s Beefroll loafer throughout the Ivy League boom years. This pair of shoes reimbues a touch of artisanal quality into this long-overlooked style. 


  • Full grain leather outer
  • Full grain leather insole
  • Beefroll construction
  • Embossed heel sock
  • Watertight leather outer sole
  • Genuine hand-sewn Moccasin construction

We recommend pairing the loafers with some light knitwear from Alan Paine and a pair of F.O.B. cords for a casual 1960’s feel.