Five Pocket Needle Cords – Navy


Introducing the John Simons x F.O.B. Navy Needle Cords!

100% Handcrafted in Okayama Japan, F.O.B. Factory are dedicated to hardwearing garments, produced from custom fabrics, and inspired in form by vintage designs. Since first stocking their exquisite 5 pocket cords, these humble trousers have become a favourite with both staff and customers, becoming an iconic piece of the John Simons look in their own right. 

We are thrilled to collaborate with F.O.B. on these new navy needlecord 5-pockets, exclusive to John Simons and featuring a jacron label. The John Simons x F.O.B. Factory cords are cut to a slim, mid 1960s silhouette. They feature a generous mid-rise, higher back rise, allowing you to tuck your favourite button down or t-shirt, and with a gentle taper to the hem which fits alongside everything from penny loafers, to sneakers, or indeed even a pair of Paraboot Michaels.   

We have worked closely with the brand to ensure that these trousers are likely to the be the closest product available in both style and fabric to the white label Levi’s of the 1960s. This style of non-denim 5 pocket pants, with a tapered cut, often worn high water, were extremely popular in the mid to late 1960s and formed an essential cornerstone of what many refer to as the West Coast Ivy Look. This was a style synonymous with surfers and popularised by groups such as the Beach Boys.

Model is 5 ft 7″ / 31″ waist and wears size 32.