John Simons

Ivy Jacket – Needlecord Olive


John Simons first purchased a traditional American Sack Jacket in 1958, whilst working at Cecil Gee on Charing Cross Road. The jacket was a lightweight, muted plaid number, complete with all of the hallmark Ivy League Details. The jacket was produced by Stanley Blacker, a forerunner in the American Menswear market and one of the first manufacturers to adorn his creations with a product label. John recalls the purchase fondly, citing the transaction as more than a simple fashion statement, rather, it provided a magic route to the Bebop revolution, which was far cheaper than the cost of a plane ticket.

Our made in London Ivy League Jacket is a modern adaptation of the classic American Sack Jacket. The jacket comes completely unlined and unstructured for ease-of-wear, in turn emphasising the natural shoulder line.

This particular jacket is constructed from a stylish olive corduroy produced by historic mill Brisbane Moss; a fabric which is sure to develop a beautiful patina overtime, and which recalls the more Bohemian Ivy dressers of the 1960s. John fondly recalls the prominence of corduroy amongst the Ivy-obsessed artists, architects and musicians of New York’s East Village throughout the 1960s.

In addition, the jacket features:

  • A three-button front with soft roll to the top button
  • Finest cotton corduroy
  • Slim lapels
  • Three patch pockets
  • Two-button cuff
  • Centre vent

Available as separates or as a suit.

Natural Shoulder spoken here!